Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Business Album

Never fear - I am still here... 

I spent the last couple of days (ok maybe a week) catching up on all of those errands I was not able to do during the great ice storm that came to visit.  Grocery shopping was  first on the list before the family moved out.  After putting my home back to it's normal self I looked and saw that it was close to my Seattle trip with Amy.  So of course I have spent a couple of days getting organized and packed for a girls only weekend with my bestie. 

Mike and Kaela are staying home because they have to work.  Amy and I fly out tomorrow and will be home on Monday.  I normally try to blog during my trips but decided this time I would just enjoy the time.  I can blog when I get home.

What have I done as far as scrapbooking?

Well I ordered my Professional Album (all about my CTMH business) from Studio J and it came in last night.  That is when I realized that I have never blogged those layouts.   

While in Boise, ID for the Thriving 30 event we were challenged to keep a professional album,  not only for our own enjoyment but also to show customers.  I remember sitting in the room thinking "that is a neat idea but there is NO WAY I am going to go backwards 9 years and scrap all of that".  Enter Studio J.... it took less than one hour to pull together all of the photos that I wanted to use and  make a professional album.  I am so happy I did this!

They are not in order....

 So I will have to take back my original thought about not wanting to make a professional album.  Not only will I take it back - I will keep this album going and add more pages as I get more photos.

As you can see - my 9 years with CTMH so far have been a blast.

note: I did not start documenting my business until about 3 years in.