Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Fever = Spring Cleaning

I love Spring!  

I love the mild days, windows open, freshness of Spring.  Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning. 

 That can have a different meaning in the scrapbooking world.  Spring is when I do an equipment check with my Go To Supplies.  These are the supplies that I use for almost all of my projects so they feel the love every time I play. 

You are welcome to use my supplies as a check list to see of any of your workhorse supplies need replacing. 

First and foremost I can not begin to create without a Trimmer that is in good condition.  
Take a good look at your trimmer, is it still cutting straight lines?  Can you still see the grid lines?  When is the last time you changed the blade? 
 Gotcha there!
 When the cut lines start to look frayed it is time to change the blade.

Z1783 $34.95

Z1784  $7.95

Next up are my Micro Tip Scissors. 
 I love these scissors but they see the action.  They are great for all of that detail fussy cutting that we love to do.
  Did I happen to mention that they are Non-stick? 
 Even better!

Z1836  $13.95

If Non-Stick is not your thing then we also have regular Micro-Tips that are just as fantastic, in a non-stick kind of way and they are also a tad cheaper than the non-stick version.

Z534  $9.95

The next item could save your dining room table and the relationship with your mother in law that passed it down to you.

Is yours warped from heat embossing? Can you see the grid lines? How is the foam on the back - is it ink soaked from being a make shift foam mat for stamping? It might be time to replace your Versamat.

Z2045  $19.95

The next three items go together in my mind. They all have to do with stamping and inking.  

Exclusive Inks™ Re-Inker

Are your stamp pads getting a bit dry?  Did you know that you can re-ink them?  I have some stamp pads from 9 years ago that are still performing like new and all I do is keep them inked properly.  

We have all 40 CTMH colors in Re-inkers 
$4.95 each

Sponge Daubers

These little finger savers get worn out and need to be replaced from time to time. I have been known to give one a "hair cut" during a project but there is nothing like a fresh dauber on cardstock.

  3-pack   Z726  $4.50
12-pack   Z1938  $16.95

My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner

The Spritz Cleaner is the best product to use to keep your Acrylix stamps in the best condition.  It also takes ink off of your finger (or elbows - don't ask) if you are in a stamping frenzy and do not want to take the time to wash your hands in between stamp images.
Are you running low on yours? 

I also keep an old rag slightly damp with the cleaner to wipe off my block edges when using light colored cardstock before stamping the images.  I am a messy stamper but the Spritz Cleaner helps me look like a pro.

Did you also know that once your bottle is empty they make great spray bottles for your homemade glimmer mist? I like to use my bottles when I am "spray" painting with Re-inkers
1778  $4.95

Last but not least - 

E-Z Dots® Adhesive

Our photos would be falling off the pages without adhesive!  Are you running low?  Is your dispenser looking a bit unloved?

3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive - Refillable permanent adhesive on dot runner, 16 yards/15m.
Z3022  $7.95 each

Z3023  $4.50 each

Duck® Easy-Stick™ Adhesive - 4 – disposable permanent adhesive runners, 7 yards/6.5m each.

Z3033  $18.95


Seasonal Expressions 1 (December - March) will only be live for 3 more days.  The products in this mini catalog will not be available for purchase after March 31st or while supplies last.

April 1st

Seasonal Expressions 2 (April - August) will go live!
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