Sunday, August 24, 2014

What Happened To The Crop Area?

Did something explode?

This is "thinking" in progress...

Why do I have luggage in the crop room? 
 Because I am going to a 2-day CTMH event in Boise, ID and this is me trying to fit all of the creative supplies and personal items into my carry on luggage.  The little pink case has 11 stamp pads in it along with smaller items.  My paper trimmer is foam wrapped and the paper is in the original package. Thank goodness I will only need two changes of clothes and some jammies.

I am on the fence on if I need to check my luggage, ship a package to the hotel or try and lug it all around the airport.  I have a tight, less than 30 minute layover in Phoenix so I am scared my luggage will not make it to the event but I have also heard stories about shipped boxes on making it on time too.  My worry and OCD buttons are working overtime on this one.

This "other mess" is an idea that Kaela and I are working around in our little brains.  I want a chalk board with the monthly schedule listed to put on the wall and a display "case" next to it.  Kaela is willing to change the information on the board each month for me with her little artist flair so now we just have to get the chalk board mounted into the frame.  

I think it will be cute when we are done and a great way for you to see what will be showcased for the next month.  

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