Sunday, August 3, 2014

Up & Coming Travels

I will be joining Mike next week at a conference in Wisconsin.  He is speaking at "That Conference" with a bunch of his local co-workers.  He wanted Kaela and I to join him him last year but I was still working at the hospital and Kaela has always had the beginning of school meetings and such.  This year I can go!  Mom is here and she is going to stay with Kaela so it is a win for everyone.

Let me just say that I HATE air travel but since it appears that I will be traveling a bit this year I decided to get on Pinterest to see if I could make the process of flying easier for me.  
What a wealth of information!

Our normal suitcases were on their last legs so I did some research and found out about carry on packing.  This sounds like something I can do.  I purchased two 20 inch spinner carry on soft-side cases (red for me and black for Mike).  Then I went shopping for clothes.... I can not stay in scrubs for the rest of my life.  I took Kaela with me and we stuck to a theme.  Black bottoms and easy to wear / pack dressy-ish tops.  These are Mikes work peeps and I need to look somewhat put together.  I am going to wear my normal black Dansko shoes in the airport because they look nice with everything I am going to pack but also because they are super comfortable and slip on's for the TSA.  I also found on Pinterest  these funky little shoes called "Toms".  I was not sure I would be able to wear them but since Kaela and I have the same size feet I went ahead and ordered a pair of black canvas.  

They are very cute in person and so light weight!  I can also walk in them.  With the Cerebral Palsy I tend to walk out of any shoe that does not have a strap to hold them on my feet but I think I found the perfect causal shoe and they are very comfortable.

So I have the clothes taken care of and yes they will all fit in a carry on size suite case so no checked bags for me and yes I can lift the case over my head to get into the bins.

But what about all of the extras (laptop, cords ect)

You would not believe what I found to use as my "personal item" on the plane.

Product in Inches (L x W x H): 16 x 13 x 15

Yes you are correct... it is a diaper bag!
It holds all of the important stuff you need while in the air that will not fit in with your clothes.

Main Compartment
Travel Documents
Cord bag / Chargers
small first aid (I am a klutz)
Tea bags and Granola bars
Water Bottle (will fill after security)

Large Front Zip Pocket
iPod & Earbuds
Small case with gum, nail file, Burt's Bees

Left Front Pocket
(my travel purse will be empty & in my suite-case )

Right Front Pocket

I never travel with very much in a purse so I am all set there. This bag will also work great as a day trip bag while there.  I was going to take out the "changing pad" but found that it adds a little cushion around my laptop without adding weight so I am going to keep it in unless it starts to bug me.  I have the bag completely packed and it is still very light and easy to carry around.

Oh wait... you are wondering where my liquid bag is?  TSA needs to see it right?
I do not have one!

I never have had a huge make-up bag but I hate having to take everything out for others to see - but I found a solution.

Lush makes a line of solid products for air travel. The products that I bought in solid form are the shampoo, conditioner,  face moisturizer, body scrub, and tooth paste.  
 I am so glad I went over to the physical store in the Willow Bend shopping center because the products that I wanted did not smell good to me so I went around finding the ones that I like and bought those. All of the reviews I read were fantastic so why not give them a try.  It was not cheap but these items should last me for about a year's worth of travel. My make-up bag is all packed and with no liquids therefore no reason to pull it out at security.   Between Mike's travel and CTMH travel I will be on the road a bit this year.

Never fear we are having Crop Night next Saturday. 
 We do not leave until Sunday morning and if you know me then you know that I will be all packed and ready to go way ahead of time so I will still be able to enjoy crop night with no stress. 

Truth time:  I am really sitting on my hands trying not to pack today.

See you Saturday!

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