Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travels and Crop Night Re-Cap

What a busy couple of days!  I am at "That Conference" with Mike in Wisconsin and this morning is the first morning I have had a chance to just sit and have a cup of coffee and catch up on the news.  It is the last day of the conference and we have to be at the airport at 4:00 am tomorrow so I am getting some packing done and just general organization so we are not rushing around in the wee  hours.

 Mike has been having a blast.  He is speaking this year so he is super excited.  I have watched him practice his talks for years but have never watched him speak until Monday. I was so proud of him that I was having trouble not bursting my buttons while watching.  Years of hard work are paying off for him and it is hard not to be excited for him.   I have a photo but for some reason it will not save correctly so as soon as Mike gets back to the room I will ask him what I am doing wrong.  

BTW if you ever get a chance to come to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin DO IT!  It is so pretty here and there are a ton of trees.  At home it is about 102 degrees and in Wisconsin right now it is 63 degrees.   I did not bring a sweater because of the hot flashes that are starting to begin (not fun) and I have needed a sweater.  Mike just laughs - he thinks it is cute.

Crop night was the night before we left for this trip - no I did not get any sleep before we left but that is nothing new.  I was so keyed up and ready to get moving that I just stated awake.  My Aunt's were in town from Florida to visit with us and stay with my mother for a couple of days and they wanted to do a card workshop.  I planned a beginner workshop because these ladies have never scrapped.  Oh my did we have fun!  I am so happy Amy took photos and as soon as she sends them to me I will post a couple.  Amy was working on her projects and taking photos while I ran the workshop with my three Aunt's.  There were so many giggles and I think a hand in the ink pad but they loved it.  They were in love with the sparkles.  I think I know what I have getting them for Christmas (tons o sparkles).  

Amy caught her 2nd creative wind around 11:00 so we did not close shop until 3:00am but only after we had to call the fire department at 1:00 am.  Our smoke detectors alarms were set off 3 times and it scared the baloney out of all of us.  We could not find the source so I called to see if the fire department would come out just to make sure everything was ok.  I hated calling but I also know that they have gauges that can find hot spots and gas leaks.  The Allen Fire Department from the 911 operator to the Fire Fighters were all gracious and did not mind coming out just to make sure all was well.  It also calmed us all down.   I know these guys from working at the local hospital so I will catch some playful ribbing next time I see them at the grocery store.  I hated pulling them out of bed but they were a huge help.

Saturday was one of the best crop nights we have had.   

Do not forget that August 21, 2014 is the scrapbook workshop.  If you have not pre-ordered your kit do not delay you will need time for it to be shipped to you.   Here are the details:

August 21, 2014
7pm to 9pm
1504 High Country Lane
Allen, Texas 75002
RSVP:  Email:

Products To Pre-Order:
Workshops on the Go: Chalk It Up Scrapbooking Kit
G1081  $29.95

Chalk It Up Compliments
X7184C  $4.95

Other supplies that are needed:
Basic Kit (your personal supplies)
Paper Trimmer
3-D foam tape
My Acrylix Blocks (if you have them)
Piercing Tool


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