Sunday, August 24, 2014

Creative Mojo Is Back

I love summer - I really do but I have the worst time being creative in the summer.  This year seemed to be the worst, it was almost like I had a creative block.  I have barely touched Kaela's 10 grade album and the one layout I did is still sitting there being mulled over because I am not sure I like it.  
A little project was shown to me Friday and I went to the consultant side of the Close To My Heart website to learn more.  I have totally missed this teaching video for some reason but I am so happy that my sister consultant Dorothy was working on this during our monthly Consultant crop on Friday because she really got my butt moving and my brain thinking again. 

Stamping Technique Flip Chart

I only took photos of a couple of pages but there is one technique one each page.  I still have room to add more when I think of them.

I will have this little flip chart out during crops and workshops for reference and I plan on taking with me to craft fairs.

Once I started working on it I got into a grove. I was shocked when my brother called me this morning while I was still working and I noticed that the sun was up.  I finally went to sleep at 9am.  

It was a wonderful way to spend the night playing.

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