Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Update: Roof

Vade just called and yep with the rain they can not get up on the roof.  This is just one of the things I really like about LSDG Roofing.   Unlike the first company I called,  Vade and the team have been on time and kept me up to date with every step.  

It has been a long process (since May) trying to get repairs done to the roof and other area's to the outside of my house.  That hail storm did damage.  The original company I called just did not step up to the plate and after a very long and exhausting day trying to get them to come out when they promised I found finally found LSDG.  

What is funny is that I had already done all of the background work on LSDG.  BBB checked out, web reviews checked out, local referrals check out and everyone I talked to recommends this company but I went against better judgement and went with company "A" because my insurance guy recommended them (he will not do that again). 

So here is the weather report for the next few days.

This is NOT typical Texas weather for July and we have been in a severe drought for a few years so we NEED the rain.  If this forecast holds true then I will have a roof on Friday.  Vade said we are the next house just need a dry day.  

So I am going to do the next most logical thing on a raining day... go back to bed!  

What a beautiful day for a nap!

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