Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brewed in Ft Worth

Tonight Mike and I are meet up with some friends in a funky little place in Ft. Worth called "Brewed".

801 W. Magnolia Ave
Ft. Worth, Texas 76104

I really wish that they had a location in Allen.  But we were able to spend a wonderful evening with Russell and Landy and it was not a bad drive into Ft. Worth.  But before we went over there we stopped and picked up a new laptop for me.

I have had the Dell Mini for about 6 years and when we were in the Grand Canyon it was showing the limitations that it has.  Since I will be traveling with Mike more often and running my business and blogging from the road it was time for an upgrade. 

I now have myself  a new Macbook Air 11 inch.  When these first came out I drooled over them at the Apple store but could not justify the extra expense so we purchased the more affordable Dell Mini and it has worked for many years as the little laptop that lives under the couch.

The Macbook Air is a little bigger screen wise but much lighter weight wise so that will make it easier to travel with and with a longer battery life I will be able to leave the house! I will now be able to work away from a plug!

Now I will have one more decision to make in the mornings.  Not just what to wear but also where to work.  Home or Starbucks?  I think I am going to like those questions.

Oh and it fits inside my purse... can it get any better?

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