Saturday, December 21, 2013

OCD Much?

My family thinks I have fallen off my rocker. They really do!  For years I have wanted to re-do my pantry but have never gotten around to it.  I still want to paint and put up Elfa shelving sometime soon but I was able to finish one project that has been bugging me.

Pantry Can Organization!

The can food!  It has been driving me nuts.  So here is what I did and yes I did find this company from Pinterest.

Pantry Organization

This is just one side of my pantry, the other side is baking and all of the “other” stuff I need to clean out.  I did check all of my spices today and boy can you tell I have not cooked in a LOOONG time.

Monday I will be going to the grocery store to replenish the spices and buy the supplies for Christmas Dinner.

Here is where I was able to find the organizers: 

Yes they are cardboard but $7.00 for a 4-pack vs. $12.00 for one on other websites I will take cardboard any day and take care of them.

I know that it is silly but this makes me all happy inside.

This and the cookbooks I have purchased and I am holding up my end of the bargain and cooking most nights now. 

Now I have this conflict of …

Scraproom or Kitchen?

Scraproom always wins!


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