Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Freshman Album

I want to shout from the roof tops that I have started Kaela’s high school album.  Who cares that she is a junior – I have started working on the album before she graduated.   Smile
Here are the first couple of pages.
There is some glare that I have to work on a way of removing but you understand the general layout.  This is one of the art pieces that Kaela worked on this year and it is also one of my favorites so it gets to be the first page of the album.  I work in chronological order and this layout represents her whole year.  It was ART or Choir all year long.
She looks very pleased that MOM is taking another photo of her at school – get over it kid.  You will love these one day.  Trust me!
Allen High School as a beautiful Performing Arts Center and this year is the first year it has been open.  What an awesome place to sing.
I have a feeling that this album is going to take me a little while to finish.  I love to sew on my pages and well that does slow me down just a touch but also because of the ice storm…. I still do not have the photos that I ordered from Walgreens from December 4th!  They are supposed to be delivered today but since there is a line going outside of the door at the post office I think it will be later than today.
  When they come in I will just enjoy the process and get this little book done when it gets done.
I love my life.

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