Saturday, October 5, 2013

Speaking of Crops

We had such a full crop last month and and you may have heard  I do plan on making CTMH my full time career starting January 2014  so I decided I needed to upgrade the trash situation in the Crop Area.
Since the beginning of time (or at least my crop nights) I have used little metal buckets on the tables for collecting trash.  Once a bucket was full I would reach over and dump it into a tall trash can under my are of the table. When we have a full crop I found out that every inch of space is vital!
Here is what I did.
All 6 seats at the crop tables now have a personal drink holder / trash can.  Tiffani made each of the little towels hanging from the trash can because sometimes we all just need to wipe our hands.
I have been wanting to do this for a long time but at $20.00 each x’s 6 seats I had some convincing to do… then I noticed a sale on! (SCORE!)
You would not believe the space that is saved on each table.  I was amazed.
So who is ready for the next Crop Night on October 19th, 2013?

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