Friday, October 4, 2013

CTMH Anniversary


I received an email this morning from CTMH and it said that I have been with CTMH for 8 years.


8 years?

Where has the time gone?

What has changed in the last 8 years?

Well for one when I started with CTMH I was still using FILM…. Smile 

My husband Mike is the person that talked me into being a CTMH Consultant.

Today he is the one that still encourages me to reach for the stars.

I thought there was no way I was “as good” as the other consultants.  To me my artwork was not up the par.

There was no CRICUT!

CTMH makes it so easy.  They make it easy to be the best artist you can be whether you are a consultant or a customer.  CTMH also changed the way I take photos.  Admit it – you take certain photos because you can see the layout you are going to make in your head.  Before scrapbooking I just took a photo to take a photo.

Now I can see what I am going to do even before I lift the camera.

Friendships:  Oh the friends I have made!  While I am still not the best at in person home gatherings, I love working craft fairs and meeting people that way.  I also have the month crops in my home.  There are friends that I have that I would have never met if it was not for CTMH.   Not to mention the random conversations in stores when someone asks if I am a scrapbooker.  Smile  I love those!   (note to self:  get more scrapbooking t-shirts)

As my retirement date with the hospital gets closer Mike and I are kicking around ideas to really get the business side of CTMH jump started.  I love creating and would love the be able to create “full – time”.  We have a couple of ideas I am just waiting for my geek to get some free time to help implement the changes.

Here is to many more years with CTMH!

(raising my cricut spatula in the air)


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