Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Month’s Crop

I have been working nobody’s business lately and just sat down to upload the pictures that my daughter took of the September Crop Night. 

It was a packed house!


I was sitting the middle working on my Christmas Cards.  Amy was working on layouts, Tiffani was sewing up hand towels that need for the crop area, Carmen 1 and Carmen 2 (mother & daughter) were working at a cheetah’s pace getting layouts and cards together.  Kaela took a break of her animation (the computer) to take these photos for me.  There was some fancy artwork and craftwork going on at this table.


Oh, in this one Tiffani ( was sewing up some pillowcase dresses for a customer.  Then she started on my hand towels.  I can not wait for her to make my camera strap cover!


Amy was cranking out the layouts!


Opps! Looks like Carmen has a little friend in her lap.  Tink loves when she comes over.

What did I get done?


I was working on getting my Christmas Cards done early this year.  I was able to finish set number 2 while spending time with great friends.


I love using these paper trays to keep organized during crop.  I use a tiny card table in the middle of the long tables so that I can be next to everyone.  The down side is that I have very little room.  So I set up 2 paper trays to hold my paper gear and place those on a barstool behind me and then 2 more paper trays to hold my stamps and adhesives to keep them away from the work area. For this set of cards I was able to have  each stamp image on a block so that I was not constantly changing out blocks and images for each card.  The Workshop on the Go makes it so easy to stay organized. You use every stamp on the carrier sheet!

I finished all of my Christmas cards tonight and they are just about ready for the mail.  I normally mail all of my cards on December 1.

  I am feeling very prepared this year!

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