Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today I will get my house back in order after camping.  I have a mountain of laundry to do (yuck).  This morning I already:

Cleaned the kitchen

Put the camping stuff away

Sorted and started laundry

Now I will turn my scraproom into WRAP CENTRAL!


That huge blue box? That is where I hide all of the gifts that I buy all year long for Christmas.  This time of year I also start saving all of those boxes that I get from for packing and wrapping all those Christmas gifts. 

So with my trusty audiobook on my IPod I will spend the next 2 days getting all of this wrapped and under the tree.

I am working a lot this month at the hospital so I am trying to get all of the Christmas cards and wrapping done so that I can sit back and enjoy December with no worries.



I finished making the Christmas cards during 2 of the Monthly crop sessions so I only need to add the inserts, school photos and address the envies. 

Why do I get the feeling there is something I am forgetting?

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