Friday, November 30, 2012

OCD Much?

After waking up at noon today (way later than I wanted) I started on the last 27,000 loads of laundry that I am still working on and decided that it is a great day to open the windows and get those gifts wrapped. 

It took longer yesterday for me to finish the Christmas cards and get them in the mail. But I was able to get them gone and my sisters birthday gift out too.  Yea I am ahead of the game this year!

Then I walked in my scraproom…..



Maybe one reason I hate wrapping so much is that all my wrapping gear is in several different bags, bins, boxes.

I have trouble finding what I need. 

So, off to Target I go…..


BTW, that huge blue bin is all of the Christmas gifts and will go back into my room as soon as I done.  It is where I hide everything with a lock on the bin to keep out peekers.

So now that I have all of my wrapping stuff where I can FIND IT.  I will get going on the wrapping and get all the stuff that is in that blue bin under the tree.  The best part:  I have room in the office closet to roll both wrapping carts in there for storage.


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