Thursday, November 15, 2012

Steroids are kicking in….

I have been home sick for the last 4 days and I HATE being sick.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he sent me home with a fist full of Rx’s to fill.  One of the scripts is a Steroid dose pack.  Since my first dose was the shot in the hip in the office I started the dose pack yesterday morning.  As of this morning – well Mom says that I am “zooming”.  Smile 

I am eating everything that is not nailed down but I feel so much better today than I have since Sunday at work.  It is not like me to miss work and I called in Monday and Tuesday (Sorry Karen).   I am still getting cold then hot and starving but I feel better.  NO MORE FEVERS!

The housekeepers are here cleaning this place within an inch of it’s life so it will be safe to come to crop Saturday Night.

  As of right now CROP IS STILL SATURDAY!

Since I am “zooming” and it is daylight I decided I could take the photos of the layouts I worked on last week.







Well I would stay on talk some more but….

I am hungry again!

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