Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

What a wonderful holiday!  We spend Thanksgiving camping at Bonham State Park and while this was our first year camping during the holiday we enjoyed it so much I think we will keep this tradition on the years that I do not have to work on Thanksgiving.


The weather was beautiful but the puppies thought they would just stay in their blankets.


One of the camping sites that I am a member of ( has a new forum that they are doing with “camping gnomes”  You post picture of your camping adventure along with a gnome.  This is my mother Suzanne getting into the gnome action.  Smile 


Getting everything ready for some outdoor cooking.  The campground was completely full but we were the only ones cooking our feast outside.


Our turkey is ready to start cooking but the gnome had to make sure the lid was on tight.


Homemade outdoor oven is ready to go!


This is a good shot of our campsite.  Mike loves cooking outside any time we camp.


Time for more of our feast to start cooking. Potatoes are on the coals, green bean casserole is in the crock pot.  The stuffing is in one of the Dutch ovens and the rolls are in the top Dutch oven.  The corn and gravy went on the coals in foil mini loaf pans about 2o minutes before the turkey was done. 


****I was having a serious BAD HAIR DAY**** but hey we are camping here Smile  This is the feast! 


These are all of the dishes after the feast…. I love camping!


We waiting a little while after dinner to make the PIES!  They were yummy.


Mike and Kaela braved the hoard of geese to feed them bread. 


The beautiful Thanksgiving sunset.

When can I go camping again?

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