Friday, June 1, 2012

My New BFF (sorry Amy)

My dear friends I have a confession.  For years I have had a special scrapbooking tool that I have not shared. Today I need to spill the beans after all of these years to end my guilt.

Google Calendar!

Ok – all kidding aside, around 2006 Mike convinced me to give up my paper “mom book” (Day Runner) in favor of the Google Calendar.  I was very leery of not having a hard copy of my daily life because lets face it half the time I am not even sure what day it is so I needed my mom book like most people need coffee.  But over the years this computer version of my life proved to work very well.  Now that I have my windows phone I really love Google!

Why do I bring this up now?

I am starting to work on Kaela’s 8th grade album. I pulled all of the photos out only to realize this is the year that I only had choir performances and photos of her work at Equest.   It is rough on a scrapbooking Mom when the school will not let you past the front desk because the kids are growing up and do not need you anymore.  Sad smile   I could still chaperone events but they frowned on my visiting like we all do in grade school and I was not needed as a room mom anymore.  Why does Kaela need to grow up anyway?

How am I going to make a full album with very little photos.  Ah!  She went a 2 week trip with her Grandparents the summer before 8th grade and I have those photos! 

Where does a calendar fit in?  Well I did not have to tear the closet apart looking for the 2010 mom book just so I could look back and reference the days that she was gone, to find the time line for the photos.  All I had to do was open my calendar and find August 2010 – print – then I have all of my notes in less than 3 minutes.    

Now I just have to sort photos from a trip that I was not there for. 

This should be fun.

  Hey!  School is out, I can just wake Kaela up at 3:00 am to help me sort these photos.  Smile  who needs sleep?

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