Saturday, June 9, 2012

Almost Time

Only 33 days, 8 hours, 56 minutes, and 34 seconds left until Convention 2012 in Dallas, Texas!

I am so excited!  Today was my day to get organized for convention.  The list of supplies that we will need came out yesterday (YEA).  It is this time of year that I am grateful that I have duplicates for some of my supplies like scissors and adhesives as for the rest I can live with it packed for the short term.  Come to think of it the only products that are not duplicates are the stamp pads and some of my stamp blocks.

This year the family is staying home since it is only about 20 miles from my house Smile  so my CTMH sister Tebble will be rooming with me. 

It is her first convention so I thought I would make a notebook for all of the information that we get in 3 days.  It always helps me to go back a read after convention is finished.   Here are the finished books.



I goofed on mine… I applied adhesive to the wrong side of the circle so the lighter side is up but I wanted the chocolate side up.  Oh well – it is not as cute but cute enough for me.

I loved Tebble’s!

I also took the time to get the photos printed we will need for the projects and will pick those up on Monday. 

Did I happen to mention that I am just a little excited?

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