Thursday, May 17, 2012

Card Number 1

Ok so here is the Father’s Day card that I said that I am working on.  This is one of two but I can not show you card number two because Mike reads this blog and he would see his card.  Smile

This is the card that I am going to send to my dad and Mikes dad (BOB).


This card was taken directly from CTMH Founder Jeanette Lynton’s Blog from May 31, 2010.

     (Jeanette's Blog)

Loved the colors, and it used a stamp set that I ordered in 2010 but had trouble using for some reason. Now that I have played with it I have all kinds of ideas running around in my head.   Smile 

  The stamp set is Wonderful Friend D1422. 

This stamp retired but a alternate stamp could be Key Moments B1392.

The colors used are:


The fun part about this card is that all of the card was make from scraps except for the Dutch Blue card base.  So with one sheet of Dutch Blue cardstock  and my scrap buckets I was able to get 2 cards.  I love that!  You will notice that Jeanette clock circle is smaller than mine. I can not free hand a circle to save my life so I used a circle punch and just went with what I had.  So my circle is a little bigger it still works for me. I think Jeanette used second generation stamping for the clock but my Dad is having vision trouble so I wanted him to be able to see his card. 

I feel a little more organized now that I have these done.  I am going to stamp them and have them taped to the back of the front door so that when I figure out when Father’s day is this year I can run go put them in the mail box.  Can Google please put holidays on the calendars?

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