Friday, May 4, 2012

A new tool….


Do not tell Mike but I bought a new tool a couple of days ago.  I was thinking about getting it and was about to talk  myself out when Kaela and I were watching TV and found Mikes birthday present.  While ordering said present I needed something to “add  more weight” so Mike would not guess if the box came in while I was at work.

  Something for him and something for me.

  It works!

I can not tell you what I bought him because it is not his birthday yet and he reads this blog but the something for me:


It is 606 pages of true inspiration!

I went ahead and took the book to my local Kinkos to have the cover laminated and have a better spiral bound put into place because I have a feeling this book is going to get a ton of use on Crop Nights.

I already have post it notes all over it and several different colors of high lighters on phrases that I want to use.

  The other advantage is that I will not have to break out the dictionary as often because the words are already spelled correctly.  Maybe there will be just a little less passing around my finished pages looking for spelling errors. Smile

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