Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries

I am a bad person… You would think that after 18 years of marriage I would remember to make my husband an anniversary card!  Oh but it does not stop there… I forgot all of the May birthdays and Mother’s day.  Now in my defense I think it would help if my Google Calendar would have holidays on it. Please Google can you put holidays on your calendars?    Then I might be able to plan a little better but ultimately it is up to me to get this done. 

I was in that just waking up, enjoying that I was sleeping in the Thursday before Mother’s day when a radio add said that the following Sunday was Mothers day.  I have never gotten out of bed so fast!  Disaster averted I whipped out a couple of cards and popped them in the mail the same day.   But I forgot to make my Mom’s birthday card for the 14th.  Her gift was in her room ready for her to find but no card.  BAD DAUGHTER!

Mike Birthday came along just 4 days later – I totally forgot to make his card, he was cool with it understanding that I just came off my work rotation so I was still a little brain dead but still BAD WIFE! I did make his day fun and just for him but still no card.

Fast forward 5 more days – it is now May 15th our 18th wedding anniversary.  I walk in the door and there is a card sitting on the kitchen counter, I am thinking that “awe Mike bought me a card because we had a rough night last night”.   NOPE!  It is the pretties anniversary card you have ever seen.  Did I make him a card?  Did I even remember it was our anniversary that morning?  Nope!  BAD WIFE! 

And I have never forgotten our anniversary!

  At this point he just started laughing and told me that all of the important dates all happen in MAY.   Smile 

June is looking like it is going to be just as busy so I am making those Father’s day cards now (hee hee).   I am still working on getting them finished so give me a couple of hours and I will post the final product.    This is one of those times that I am so happy that I have my stamps organized because I was able to find just the right stamp in no time flat. 

Back to work for me – I will post photos soon!

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