Friday, January 29, 2010

Sponge Dauber Storage

How come when I start a “Research Project” I end up spending money? While viewing other blogs I learned that you can keep one sponge dauber with your coordinating stamp pad so that when you need to use that color for lets say edging you have a sponge dauber ready for use.  The consultant that gave me this idea (I forgot her name) kept her daubers in with her stamp pad storage. 

I am not able to do this because of the rack that I have my stamp pads in, so Mike and I were trying to find a way to have one dauber per each stamp pad color that I own and have it readily available for use.  While brainstorming Mike was talking about a peg board with post sticking out at an angle…. Duh a spool rack!  So I Googled “spool rack” and came to my rescue again.

Yes, I know that you can wash them but that wears them out and I always make a mess in the process.

Mini Spool rack

This rack holds 60 spools but since CTMH comes out with new colors every couple of years I wanted to be able to expand so I ordered 2 of these.  At $15.00 each Mike said he could not build it any cheaper.  Mike will be able to mount it on the wall for me and I will be able to label each spot so that I know what color is being used.  Now back to research…..

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