Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part way there “Veranda Cards”

Sooo…..I was sitting here watching TV and not really wanting to start a project because I will not have time to finish before I have to go back to bed  (I work at the hospital tonight). 

I was thinking that if I made the cuts I would forget their orientation or sizes when I get to resume the project.  Well duh, I have these little bags that I bought from Hobby Lobby, why can’t I make the cuts and mark the bags, then when can get back to the cards I will be able to follow the CTMH pattern without any problems.


I was amazed when I was finished cutting the amount of paper I still had left from a Level 2 paper pack.  I have almost a complete pack of paper.  I messed  up a cut (watching TV instead of watching my cutting) so I had to use an extra sheet Vanilla Cream but I have no doubt that you will do just fine.





I think I will go back to watching Young & The Restless on TiVo and finish the cards when I get home form work.  BTW I forgot to tell you that this workshop makes 6 cards. 

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