Saturday, September 12, 2015

Zoe Paper & Studio J

Did you know that the new ZOE paper pack is being featured in Studio J?  
To tell you the truth I forgot about them being in Studio J too until I was working in the program today.  I love the layouts that I was able to complete.

This first layout is a field trip that the Advanced Animation kids took in May. 
 The building is bright red the kids are a multitude of color so I made all but one photo black and white.  It make photos that would have been too harsh for this paper soft enough to use.

 This second layout is Kaela getting ready for Prom.  
Other than her ever present green hoodie the colors were soft so I left them alone.  

I am featuring the Zoe paper pack in my workshops this month so I will be posting the layouts from those classes as they happen.  

It is not too late to place your order for one of the workshops but hurry because the shipping time is running out. 

Zoe Day Workshop

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