Saturday, September 12, 2015

Just About Finished....

While out and about today I found a nice little sunny spot with fantastic music playing and decided that today was the day to finish the 2nd semester of Kaela's 12 grade album.  Well almost finished... 

I forgot to upload her graduation and graduation  party photos to Studio J before I left so I will need to do those pages but I am ohhh sooo close. 

At the beginning of the summer I said that I would be able to get this finished before June. Well life and travel bumped any scrapbooking, including Digi scrapping for me.  Once I get the last couple of pages done all I will have to do is go back in and place the memorabilia that goes with each page.  That normally does not take long.

Talk about feeling accomplished!

(not in order)

 (I saved a graduation announcement to place on this page - hence the huge blank spot)

Remember that with Studio J your photos get printed directly on the pages so not only are you saving money on scrapbooking supplies but you are also saving money on photo finishing.  The pages are the same price - no matter how many photos are on the page or how big they are.

That is a HUGE savings!!

Kaela will have 12 completed scrapbook albums of her childhood to take with her - on that day that spreads her wings and moves out.  We still have college so I will hang on to them for her for just a little longer.

Oh - what if I want a copy of this album for myself?  
I can print as many duplicate copies as I need.  

Scrapbook albums also make great gifts. 

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