Thursday, July 16, 2015

Urgent Message - Retired Colors 2015

These colors will not stay in stock long. 

Also do not forget that in this set are:

Stamp Pads 

For all above listed colors.

If you are even thinking that you might need one of them for a future project do not wait to order.

I marked my personal catalog with the items that will be retiring by August 31 and it is most of the catalog - here is a link to the online list if you have an item on your wish list - please check to make sure it is not about to go away.

There is also another list of do dad's on the website of items that are almost gone.

It is mostly stickers, tools, and embellishments but it is a good list to see if an item you have been looking for is on sale.

Please do not be like me and put off an order then kick yourself in the bum because an item you want is now gone.  

When I was a brand new consultant there was a stamp set that I wanted but did not order.  I sat on the fence for a long time - then it was gone.  Last year I paid a whole lot of money for that stamp set on Ebay.  Lesson learned for me.

Do not wait - now is the cheapest you will find it again.

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