Monday, July 27, 2015

Remember That Crop?

A few months ago I drove out to Denton to go to a crop that a friend of mine was having. Since I normally do not travel for crops I had to put some thought into what I was taking.

The album that I wanted to work on is the "Family 2010" album.  Kaela will be taking all of her high school albums with her when she moves out after college so I have another set of albums that are "family" with some of the same photos so she as some of our family fun in her school albums and we have some of her school events in our family albums.  I took a full year of page kits - photos matched with the paper along with a copy of the layout I wanted to use from my CTMH How To Books.  I made a copy so that I would not have to lug the books with me.  Since the pages are for personal use no copy write laws were broken and the copy was a great place to make notes about the layout design. 

I only packed my RETIRED papers because I was on a mission to use as much of my stash as possible.  The plan was to get the photos on the paper then I could come home and do the "pretty" work.  It is the embellishments that take up all of the room when we travel so I did not take very many at all.

It is taking a little longer than I thought to get the embellishments added to the pages but I am moving along.  It has been a super busy summer so far - but I would not change a minute of the craziness.

It seems funny working with photos from when Kaela was in 7th grade. She seems so little and not ready for the world yet. Time really does fly. 


I think that I am going to switch over and start working on some cards for a bit next.  I have a craft fair in October and my card supply is getting lower than I like. 

Be on the lookout and I will post each card for you.

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