Sunday, July 12, 2015

Even More Convention Fun

I have been having a blast during the Annual CTMH Convention.  These are some of my Creative Hearts Sisters - My Inkin' Cute Unit photos are not up yet but as soon as I get those I will post them.  I am a part of two teams.  Inkin' Cute Unit is my local CTMH team that is lead by my upline Janene and The Creative Hearts team is more of the national team for us based out of Boise, ID and is lead by Michelle.  I have all of the ladies on both teams as a resource for information and both leaders to guide me.  

 Here are a few more photos from the Creative Hearts during our first creative session.  The creative session is our first chance to play with new product and learn new techniques for the upcoming year.  I was working like a mad woman on mine and forgot to take photos of my project so I will borrow Michelle's. 

This is a photo of a couple of my buddies (left) Emily (right) Anna.

I love the look of this room - look at all of these consultants learning how to use new products so we can bring them home and teach our friends / customers.

After the creative session it was on to business classes.  I love to to the business classes because I always learn something new or have a refresher of something I have forgotten.  The trick is to remember it once I get back home.  Our brains go on overload when we are here and there is so much work to do during the first couple of weeks after convention that it is possible to forget a few details.  

I have a great photo of my roomie (Theresa) as we were sitting by the pool during a break before the Awards dinner.  But it is on Instagram and Instagram will not let me have it. (boo)

Here are a couple of cute photos that I was able to find that were taken during the General Sessions.  The theme of the convention this year was the Disney Movie "UP".  And as you can see the home office had a ton of fun thinking up ideas about how to incorporate the movie into convention.

Monica and Brian

Monica and Janette

The "Up" Team

The Awards dinner is always a magical experience during convention. Not only do we get treated to a fabulous meal and see our friends all dressed up and fancy but we get to celebrate all of our accomplishments for the past year.

I think my hair wanted to be back at the pool...

This year I was able to see my name in lights too:

I am in the middle row on the bottom.  They asked us to stand next to our chairs which was great for me because I tend to fall of stages.  Then we had a very happy surprise. Michelle was awarded the "Sprit of Close To My Heart Award'

Michelle has been with CTMH for 22 years and is one of my favorite people in the company.  I am so happy for her.  No one - knows who the winner is before the dinner so she was shocked.  

Yesterday was one of my favorite General sessions.  We get to hear from Janette Lynton herself.

She never fails to inspire us for the next year and is such a joy to hear speak.  She is one of the people I would love to meet in person - maybe one day....

Last night was the closing crop and dancing.  I have photos from the event but I have no idea where they saved on my computer so I have to find them.  As soon as I do I will update this blog post.  It was a late night so I may have saved them to the wrong folder.  

I will be flying back home today and while it was a blast being with my CTMH sisters and playing with all kinds of new product, I am missing my family and it is time to go home.

Keep an eye out here on the blog for news about crops, workshops, and other great ideas. 
 My brain is on overflow and trying to get the planning worked out.  

The good news is - I finished 80% of my artwork at convention this year so when you come to the September crop night you will not only see great artwork but you will be able to pick up a FREE copy of this new catalog. 

See you soon.


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