Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stuff Sisters Get Us Into....

What can I say about my sister?  Besides the fact that I love her like crazy and she is the baby of the family?  I can say that she has decided to jump into the direct sales business with Younique - you know those crazy long lashes that everyone is wearing.  

Yep that is the one. 

If you are interested here is a link to her webpage:  Lawless Lashes

So after some FB chat sessions and a phone call or two with some coaching and ideas  she asked me to make her a set of handmade thank you cards that she can send to her customers.  

After sleeping on the request I woke up with this idea in my head.

(Click the image to make it larger) 

Bridget is young, sassy, beautiful and blonde so these cards seemed to fit her personality.  The inside sentiment says "Thank You for your business" 

It took me about 12 hours to make a set of 15 cards because I hand stamped and hand colored each image.  I even used my markers! It was a labor of love but I enjoyed every minute of the play.

I hope she loves them.

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