Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just A Couple Of Layouts

I have had a couple of days to play and things have been very productive. The base of these layouts were done at an all day crop I attended, then I came home to put the finishing touches on them.  I did not want to take the kitchen sink with me to the crop so I knew they would be semi - complete even after the crop.

Since I started using Studio - J for vacation and school albums it has freed up time to start catching up on my family albums.  These layouts are from 2010 if you can believe it.  I am really that far behind but it has not been for the lack of scrapbooking, I have just been working on Kaela's school albums. My goal was to have them finished by the time she gets out of high school.  That goal will be met, I will have her senior year finished shortly after graduation due to those end of year photos that I really need.

It has been fun looking backwards and seeing just how much the kids (mine and my sister in law's kids) have grown and changed. It also makes me very happy that our families are so darn close.   Kaela might be an only child but you would never know it because I alway have a ton of kids in my photos. 

Time to get moving... I have the rest of 2010 to finish.

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