Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Idea Book Inspiration

Yesterday I was a chaperone for the next to last field trip that my daughter will go on in high School.  She has one more next week and I will be the chaperone for that one as well.  I have only missed one field trip since Kindergarten (sniff) and have the photos and scrapbooks to prove it.  


Yesterday was a long day of walking and let me tell you taking photos of 17 & 18 year olds is not as easy as it was when they were 6 years old.  Now they run or throw another student in front of the camera - unless you say the word "selfie". 
We went over to Postasylum (a production house in Dallas) to see how it was run and to talk to the house animators.  Oh the kids are all in the Advanced Animation class in school.  We spent two hours of pure Q & A with the team and the kids.  They had some great questions for the professionals.   Considering that those 2 hours was  time that could not be billed to a client,  it was very generous of the team at Postasylum to not only let the group tour but also for the great advice they gave the kids.  

While we were taking a break for lunch Mrs. Adams made a note that she needed to send the team at Postasylum a thank you card and my kid just pops up and says "my Mom has one she can send you".  Do I have her trained or what?  

But that gave me something to think about... Mrs. Adams has logged in hours and hours of time after hours with this team getting them ready for UIL regionals and state competitions.  After school, weekends and even over the Christmas break she would open her classroom for the kids to be able to go in to work on their projects.  That is dedication to your craft right there!  

What could I do to thank her?  

What I do best!  Not just the one thank you card, I am sending her a set of 8 thank you cards so she will have some on hand for next year.

This card is scrap-lifted right from the AI catalog on page 97. 

Somehow I think she will be using every card in the set.  
Now I just hope she likes them. 

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