Friday, July 12, 2013

What A Busy Day!

Oh, I thought this day was going to be a simple do laundry and play in the scraproom kind of day.  WRONG!

I was lounging downstairs about to eat some breakfast since I was hitting hour 10 of being awake.  Smile  I checked my calendar just to make sure that yes I did have a free day… and found that not only was the housekeepers coming in but I also had the installers coming to put in the new French Doors going to the backyard!  Holy Cow I was still in my jammies!

First things first…. get dressed!

Mom, Kaela and I all jumped into high gear.  We cleaned the kitchen fast and then proceeded to get all of the travel gear out of the front room so the girls could CLEAN.  Thankfully I was almost finished with the laundry that I was working on all night so that was a relief. 

Here is only part of when the doors where going in. 

french doors

I had to catch the ankle bitter as she was about to grab one of the workers as he was pulling out the door.  I thought she was going to stay in Kaela’s room but nope she came running down the stairs and almost made it out the door before she found herself in the crate next to the pug.  Big gaping whole in my house and the fence is open… puppy jail for those two.

Now that the door is in….. all my laundry is done…. all travel crap is put away and the house is CLEAN I needed a nap.  I was finally able to go back to bed at 1pm and I slept until 8pm. (oops). 

But let me show you what else I was able to get done today.  These are two of the card designs that I found on Pinterest to make for my Aunt.


Numbers birthday

The inspiration came from

Here is my version


The ribbon and embossing folder  I used is the only items that is not CTMH but it seemed to fit the theme I have going. 


tag birthday

My version made from the above inspiration


I am not finished with this card just yet.  I still want to make the liner and stamp the envelope but I love how it is turning out.

Since I managed to get so much done today – it might be a great time to try and go back to bed so I can play again tomorrow. 

See you soon!

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