Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Twilight Hours

As part of my convention ticket I was given a free Twilight Disney ticket so I bought Mike and Kaela a ticket and we were off to Disney!


Kaela took this photo for us. 


It was raining all day and I love how the clouds look with the castle.

So pretty!


This is Belle’s Castle.  Inside this castle is the Be My Guest Restaurant. We went up to inquire about getting in and found out that there is a 6 month waiting list for a reservation!  We did not have one.

The hostess said to go and ask the person in the castle if there have been any cancelations and sure enough we were inside in less than 10 minutes!



Kaela is having French onion soup and I had the best potato and leek soup I have ever tasted! 

Ok it is the only potato leek soup I have ever tasted but it was goooooood! 


Kaela noticed that the snow was blowing in the window!  She loved it!


Yes the steak looks burnt but it was perfect!


Mike has the Salmon – he does love his fish!


Kaela had a shrimp and scallop puff pastry. She loved it!


Here comes The Beast!


I loved time at Disney with my family!

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