Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Day From My Camera


I am finally at my Aunt Jackie house and I have a good internet connection.  I was trying to post from the hotel and for some reason it just would not load. 


Here is the agenda for the convention for a wonderful 3 days of sisterhood (a few brothers) and creative madness. 


Here are over 1000 ladies waiting for the first general session to start.  We are so excited! 


As you can see we get very excited over PAPER!!!!


This is Michelle Snyder and my upline Janene Wawro.

These two ladies are creative powerhouses!

Viva Minnie!

During opening session Janette Lynton made her appearance and the place went crazy. Smile


CLOSE TO MY HEART all came from the beautiful women.  I would love to have an afternoon of crafting with her.  Talk about a dream come true….. Well I can dream. Smile


The leadership team and Janette during the opening skit.



After a very yummy lunch it was time for our first creative session



I opened the first pack that we were given and about 100 cricut cuts fell out and I just put them back in the bag because I know that I will be more creative at home when I am not worried about loosing all of my cuts off the side of the table.  I did make a card before it was time to meet up with my family for Twilight Disney hours.  What a wonderful first day!

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