Friday, March 8, 2013

Stamps Gone Wild

It is that time again… time to organize the wild stamp collection.

I have a fairly large stamp collection – and I find that amazing since I did not know how to stamp when I became a consultant.  Smile And with that collection comes some sort of organization but limited in size. 


My first step is putting all of the stamps back into their proper drawers.  I have no idea how they get in other drawers but they do.


And while I am doing this I am updating my excel spreadsheet that lists all of my stamps.  Now before you start to roll your eyes… the spreadsheet has kept me from duplicating stamp purchases and that means more money for PAPER!  Smile 

I have also ordered Tabbed Dividers


They are a little more sturdy than the homemade paper tabs I have been using and I am almost certain they will fit. 

While I am sorting and re-organizing I am also taking a hard look at each stamp and decided if I want to keep it or sell it.


This is where the fun begins for YOU! 

There are retired – hard to find stamps along with current stamps in this box and I am selling them for $5 each.  I am not done sorting so there will be more in this box when you see it in person. 

I will be done with the organization by next crop night on MARCH 23, 2013.  This is one of those rare time I will say to bring money to crop.  Once these stamps are gone they are gone forever!  If you have bought stamps from me in the past then you know that they are in excellent condition.

You need to be here in person to buy the stamps. Mailing them out has gotten very expensive for you and me and I am trying to keep them cheap. 

I hope to see you very soon!

March , 23, 1213

6:00 pm

Call or text me if you need directions


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