Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Time–Small Rooms

I have told you in the past how we love to cram ourselves into the smallest room of the house for family time.  But when I woke up Wednesday afternoon this is where I found Kaela.


She took over my side of the desk too so that she could use the computer (she grounded herself from her laptop).   Once I scooted her back to the “homework” side I was able to sit down and play.


I started this card just before my work rotation and needed to get it finished.   Does it look familiar?  Look on page 27 of your catalog.  See it is the round card.  Round is good unless you are blonde like me then a standard cards works better.  Smile 

Fast forward a couple of hours and Mike comes home with CANES chicken (Yummmmm – O)

After dinner we all come back upstairs for a little more homework time and family time.  Like always I am the last one up and I was working on this card


When I looked around an noticed that I was the only one is the room and it was still stuffed with extra seating for the family.


After moving extra chairs so that I could walk around my kingdom I hunkered down and went back to work.

Did you notice that both cards are using the same paper pack? 


Buzz And Bumble Paper Packet 

$9.95 X7164B

I saw a sign recently that said

“small houses build tight families” 

Well I have a big house but I think I still have a tight family. 

I like it that way.

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