Monday, October 22, 2012

Peace Found

My mother in law, Barbara just called to let us know that Grandma Barnes has moved to heaven.  She took a turn Thursday night and we had a sad yet amazing day Friday.

Grandma would be talking to us at one moment then have an episode where she would for lack of the better phrase “go away”  she would not breathe for up to five minutes and the only hint that she was still alive was one vein pulsing in her neck.  She would then take a deep breath and start describing heaven or talking about seeing members of the family that have passed before her.  We were all on the edge of our seats wanting to hear more. 

After sitting with her most of the day Friday – if I did not already believe with all of my heart – you would be hard pressed to tell me that heaven does not exists!  


I had a beautiful night with her during my time to sit and visit last Thursday and I will always treasure those memories.  

Thank you for so many memories!

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