Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crop Night Review…

We had a small group last night but we were productive!

Tiffani was able to drive in from out of town to join us and she was working on getting her hand made crafts ready for a booth in Canton.  She was making the most adorable holiday wreaths and decorations you have ever seen.  

If you have a chance to go to Canton, Texas during First Monday Trade days weekend look for a Tiffani In Pieces booth.   

Amy was very productive:  She ordered Avonlea Card Making Kit last month and was able to do the entire kit from start to finish during crop. She completed 15 cards and learned a couple of new techniques while working last night. 


Now she has a complete set of handmade cards ready to go when needed.

I worked on my Christmas Cards that I am sending out this year.  I am using the Pear and Partridge Card making Kit.


I ordered 2 kits and I was able to make 30 cards.  I was able to get all but 5 cards done last month and this month.  But my scrappers pinky was acting up and I stopped working about 11:00 and just enjoyed the conversation from there.  It is not even November yet am I almost have my handmade Christmas cards done! YEA ME!

I have enough supplies left over that I am going to see how many cards I can get from scraps.  You know I love my scraps! 

I think I finally went to bed about 3:30 am – I love my time that I spend with my crop ladies!  See you next month!

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