Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank The Lord!

It is 0530 and I woke up 30 minutes ago!  That means that I slept all night! 

Day 2

CTMH Convention – DALLAS

I think we scared Tebble. Smile 

Our first General Session started off with a bang and it was a redneck “Texas” theme.  The executive leadership team did really a cute skit to introduce all of the new products with a “Housewives” , “Beverly Hillbillies”, “Dukes of Hazard”, and “Dallas”  characters appearances with a

“Who shot JR Lynton” story line. 

I was trying to write down all of the info so fast that at  one point I was writing that we have 53 new accessories and I wrote that we have 53 new “ass” and then I had to go back and figure out what I was trying to say!  Smile

Here is the run down so far without giving away too much before the big Idea book reveal.

We have in the new 2012 Fall Winter Idea Book:

53 new Accessories

13 new WOTG kits

8 new Level 2 Paper Packs

Alcohol Markers

Pigment Ink pads (small) in 10 color stacks

BULK CARDSTOCK IS BACK! in all 40 colors. 6 New colors!

New Stamp Scrubber

more to come….

There is so many new products that I ordered all but 2 of the bundles and still have about $75.00 a month on my wish list of stuff that did not come in a bundle! 

There are some colors that are retiring.  As soon as I can find a list of retiring products I will let you know. You may want to stock up on your favorite colors before they go away forever.  BUT you are going to love the NEW colors just as much! 

Time for me to gear up for day 3

I wonder what we will learn today?

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