Friday, July 13, 2012

Geek Day & Nap Time

Day 3

CTMH Convention

Ah today… we started off the day in General Session with Guest Speaker

Stacy Julian  click here to see her blog

What in inspirational speaker!  I have been listening to Stacy for over a year on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast and she always says just what you are thinking.  I did not take notes because I was so intent on listening to her so it is hard to convey my thoughts – maybe when I get home and not so tired I will be able to put all of the thoughts  that are running around in my brain down on paper.  Here is to hoping anyway.  Smile

After the general session and lunch I went back downstairs to take pictures of all of the artwork that is displayed in bundles.  Once the Idea Book goes live I will be able to post those pictures.

Then it was on to the class of the day.  Learning about all of the new features of STUDIO J.  Yall I wish I could tell you everything I leaned but the resident “nerd” of the executive team Brian Holman was leading the group and while I really wanted to hear what he said – his voice and delivery of the material was the same tone and speed that Mike uses when talking “geek” to get me to sleep!  It was all I could do to stay awake! 

Needless to say RIGHT AFTER the class I went back up to our room and crashed for 2 hours.  It was the best sleep I have had all week!  THANK YOU BRIAN!  I have all of the materials for the creative session I missed so I will try to work on those during our crop times tomorrow. 

We have just gotten back to our room after the awards banquet and after so many laughs and tears it is time for bed.  Tomorrow is the last day of convention so I will try to post again soon.

Night Night friends…..

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