Monday, October 24, 2011

So Close Yet….

Not done yet, yep I am STILL working on the Palo Duro Album Smile

I took a break for about a week to work on my Christmas cards and those are finished and ready for the mail.  Time to get back to the vacation album because the ladies at work are really wanting to see what we did on vacation.  Evon is in Palo Duro now, and we want to compare photos too. 

Here are the layouts that I finished this week in addition on the Christmas Cards.







Please pray that the washing machine gets fixed this week. If so I will be able catch up on laundry and scrap at the same time, if not then I will be going to the laundry mat….. I hate going to the laundry mat – it cuts into my scrapbooking time darn it! Smile

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