Friday, October 7, 2011

Changes in “My Scrap room”

I can never seem to leave my scrap room alone.  I like to keep a tidy space when working and love to organize my scrap room  too, but I have had one problem area.

Where do I put my photos / memorabilia that is ready to scrap? 

Well in the past I have used the plastic drawer units – one drawer for each year.  But I just was not happy with how that looked in my room.  I also wanted to keep my window area open because I love the light that comes in.

Well when I was at Target today I found the perfect solution and now I am kicking myself for not getting this sooner.


The white matches my Elfa units that are already in the room and the black cubes play off the spots of black I have in here too.

This unit will be used for the “family albums”  only


I am able to label each cube with what year each album will be.  It seems that while I love to scrapbook, I am a very slow scrapper.  It is very possible that I will have all 8 cubes filled with waiting material just ready to be scrapped.

What did I do with the plastic drawers you ask?


I am still going to use the drawers but these are only for Kaela and her activities.  I make Kaela her own album every year, maybe that is why I am so slow getting the “family albums” done.

  This child will never be able to say she does not remember her childhood because she will have a scrapbook for every year of school.

So for every little money (the cube set was on SALE) I was able to find the perfect storage solution for my scrap room.

I am so happy! Smile

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