Thursday, September 15, 2011

I might just finish today

I am in the mood to play. I have 2 seasons of Grey’s to watch, several books on my iPod to keep me going and a free day to play.

I can always get the car inspected tomorrow Smile

Since I have ALL day with no other obstacles I might be able to finish the Palo Duro Vacation album that I have been working on.  As  soon as that is finished I really need to get started on the Family  2009 album.

I have plenty of material ready to go for future scrapping here is the list:

Family 2010

Family 2009

Kaela 8th grade 2010 -2011

Kaela’s Summer Cruise with the Grandparents 2010

Those are just the projects that are completely ready to scrap.  The photos are processed and developed, the journaling is done, the memorabilia is matched up with the photos / subjects.  But my motto is that as long as I am organized and the journaling is done, then I am never behind. 

Every January I print the previous years photos all at once, get the journaling and organized and stored for future scrapping.

Ok here goes,

go make coffee, clean kitchen really quickly and come back and scrap!

ready … set …. GO!

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