Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Normal

First of all, thank you for being with me during the great computer melt down.  First I lost the photos drive, then my Windows machine started acting goofy therefore I lost all confidence in that machine.  The Perry’s purchased the Smokin’ Mac Pro desktop but then had the task of not only setting it up but also learning another operating system. 

Thank you to my fellow CTMH sisters for explaining how to Parallel the Mac machine and the Windows system together so that I can still Blog.  Did you know that there is NO decent blogging software for the MAC?  Nope… none!

Then the Windows hard drive that we placed into the Mac decided it wanted to be “read only” and would not let me add photos to it.  Yep I am talking about the brand new “photos” drive that we had to buy when the last one crashed.  Mike had to reformat the drive and now it works too.

Why did we go with Mac?  Mike has a Mac Book Pro  that he has had for years and he drags that thing everywhere, it takes a beating and still looks and acts like it is brand new out of the box.  Mike also has never had any virus attacks on his Mac, all of the other machines in the house have gotten sick but not his! 

That is why I have turned my life upside down to get a better machine.

I did not mind spending little time upfront to get a great machine in the long run

So now that everything in My Scraproom is back to normal here is what I have been working on in the meantime.

  The Palo Duro album is shaping up, and with the new family member in the house (Cricut) I have been trying new layouts and techniques.

I am still learning but have fun in the process.











Some of the layouts were created during the August Crop Night.  We had 2 Cricut Machines going and paper flying everywhere.  Kaela even joined the fun when I needed help trying to learn all about my Cricut Expression.

Leave it to a teen to just look at a machine and understand it.

So what will you be doing on September 24th? 

I am going to be having a grand time at Crop Night! 

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