Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Ah, the joys of birthday weekends… Kaela (4th) and I (8th) both had our birthdays this past week but with Labor Day we had to hold off on the family dinner / party until this weekend. 

Kaela decided that this year was the year to get me back for the cupcake mishap during her 9th birthday party concerning me and a certain cupcake in the face.  She just turned 15,

Me thinks this kid can hold a grudge!


How was I supposed to know she would get so hacked off?


Yea, well remind me not to hack her off again,

because this is what happened today:



Sorry about the quality of the photos Mike had to be quick with the cell phone since the camera is around my neck.  I never saw it coming!  Smile

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