Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a weekend!

I need to go back to work just to rest… Friday we had the Little Big Town / Sugarland concert.  Saturday we went had had Kaela’s hair done then Crop night and today we went to The Improv Comedy Club.  I need a nap and it is almost time for work.  :-)

P1000910 P1000911 P1000917 P1000930 Dad and Kaela “tweeting” between acts (to each other).


The Improv Comedy Club

     P1000980P1000988Yes this is Mike

P1000989   P1010032 Now it is Kaela’s turn

P1010033You can not see it but she is laughing so hard she can not do the trick.

P1010047P1010056 P1010053 

The photos are not the best in the world because the lighting was off but I am going to have fun scrapping these photos anyway.  It is not just the photos we scrap, it is also the memories!

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