Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Am So Happy

I am preparing for the next two workshops, getting the demo layouts cut and what not.  This time I decided that I needed to go ahead and put photos on the example (yes this was my blonde moment).

For November we are using the Olivia papers and there is a photo of Mikes Grandparents on their wedding day that I NEEDED to use. 


I wanted to blow this photo up to 8 x 10 to use on the layout but CVS was telling me that it was not the correct resolution and not recommended for use.  I thought “well what the heck it is only a couple of dollars lets do it and see what happens”.  I just came home from picking up the photos and I can not tell any difference!  The photo was taken in the 1950’s and it looks great to me.   I have to give a shout out to Mark Perry.  He spent hours and hours scanning his parents photos and putting them on disk for us last year for Christmas.  I cherish these photos and love him for doing this for us. 

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