Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You!

To all of my customers: 

I just wanted to send a general thank you to all of my customers, some of you order once a year and some once a month and I love all of you!  But that is not what this message is about…. If you happen to get a “thank you” note in the mail and it does not seem to make sense …. spelling errors, forgotten words, please bear in mind I am writing these cards with one eye open normally and as soon as possible so that I do not forget to send them out.  I think is it very important to send thank you notes for every order you place and because of that I sometimes send cards while I am in the middle of a work rotation.  Well that and your consultant is a blonde! 

So if you get a quirky little note just remember I really am trying to say thank you but it came out as a brain fart!

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