Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to go back to work

I have had 3 very busy days off from the hospital  but it is time to go back to work (darn it) just when I am starting to get creative again with the 2008 family album.

BUT we did go and see “Wicked” on Thursday and that was soooooo worth it!

Last week we had to get the air conditioner repair people out here because we had a leak in the lines, no problem I think it was a 20 minute fix and then when we came home from seeing “Wicked” the garage door would not open.  The spring broke when we left so here we are at 1:00 in the morning crawling under the garage door to find out what happened.  Friday the garage door repair people came out to fix the spring and to show me how to maintain our garage door system. 

While all this was going on I managed to get laundry done and get about 6 layouts done at the same time.  Oh and I downloaded the rest of Kaela’s 7th grade photos (196) to Snapfish for processing.  Hey maybe I did do more than I thought, just when I thought I was being a bum. :-)

As you guys wake up and start your day I am going to bed. I have to work tonight but on the bright side it is overtime and that means…SCRAPBOOKING MONEY!  I really do have a one track mind!

On my next day off I will complete the layout that I am currently working on, the stitching it taking me a while and get some photos up for you.  Have a safe weekend and I will see you here next week. 

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